Sunday, October 7, 2007

Turkey Day on Mayne Island

Happy Turkey Day everyone!!!!!!

lotus events is on holiday visiting family on Mayne Island. (I use the term "holiday" loosely, as I have separation anxiety with my laptop and email.) Rob's parents just moved over here so we thought it would be a perfect time for them to make me a turkey to visit .

The trip over was a rough one! I was trying hard to keep my breakfast down and we hadn't even left the station yet! Things got better when we hit Active Pass - thank goodness! Rob's dad than picked us up from the terminal and gave us a short tour of the island. Things are soo quiet here. I am definately 100% city girl, but island life is definately a nice change of pace. Of course, I forgot the cable to load up pictures, but will definately post some when we return tomorrow morning!

Plenty of exploring and crafting was had by me this weekend! Can't wait to show you!

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