Saturday, August 29, 2009

Six Cent Press

As you can see from previous posts, I ♥ pin back buttons!! I came quite close to purchasing one online a few years ago, but figured that I really didn't need to take up another craft project. This is where Six Cent Press comes in. Six Cent Press is a locally based button making company specializing in 1", 1.25", 1.5", 1.75", 2.25" and 1.5" square pin backs as well as custom packaging and turn style vending machines. How awesome would this be at your next event or wedding!? Monogrammed wedding buttons or maybe ones with your logo on it? Too cool!

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Follow SixCentPress on twitter and post their website on your blog / website and they will make you 50 custom 1 inch buttons or FREE. Limited time - this weekend only - August 29 & 30, 2009.

All images from Six Cent Press

Thursday, August 27, 2009

dinner in the dark

Seeing is not as fun ....

Did you know that lotus events started five years ago by complete accident? We had just moved back to Vancouver after spending a few months in London. I was working at the call center for Impark Parking Services and Rob was working for Landsea Tours as a tour guide. I just happened to pick up an UK Glamour magazine at the local bookstore and found an article about an event called Dinner in the Dark (DITD) and said "hey, we should do this here and that is how we started!"

DITD was an event where guests began the evening with cocktails and socializing at the fully lit DV8 Lounge (closed in 2007). Waiters equipped with night vision goggles would then escort guests to a completely pitch-black room where dinner was served without any eating utensils. Guests chose to be seated with whom they arrived with or they could choose to fully experience the evening with another table.

DITD was an opportunity to experience how it would feel to have one of your most important senses - sight - shut down.

Started in Germany by a group of blind restaurant owners that did not need the lights to serve, the event moved to London and New York as a dating event with all of the alcohol that you can drink. Los Angeles and Montreal now have their own restaurants set up specifically for DITD. Our event was the first of it's kind in Canada and the first in the world to include live performances. I guess it was kind of like "Go big or go home" and we chose to go big!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

1980 something ...

Found some images of me at the Fair...

The Fair at the PNE

The Pacific National Exhibition is a family tradition. We go every year. I can't remember spending a summer in Vancouver and not going. When I was small, I thought I was so brave when I rode on the roller coaster (kiddie version!) all by myself.

In 2006 and 2007, Rob and I even worked at the PNE as part of their entertainment department which meant spending 17 continuous, and long, days at the Fair! Trust me, Superdogs is fun the first time, but not so much on day 17 :)

The Fair has definitely changed throughout the years. Long gone is the giant map of British Columbia and the home arts exhibits, but some traditions still carry on such as my yearly stick of cotton candy and cinnamon sugar mini donuts.

A giant sized Scrabble game.

You can see how each letter is handmade by wrapping a piece of paper around a box.

Deep fried Oreos and Jelly Belly jellybeans... not my cup of tea... but interesting.

Quad racing and car vs. car battles.

Angora bunnies and baby ducks in the animal farm.

PS. Some great bands (in my opinion) are playing this year including Chris Isaak, En Vogue (tonight!), Hit Men and Famous Players

Monday, August 24, 2009

Alycia & Chris

All I can say is...

SO much fun!
Amazing looking wedding party!
BEST first dance ever!

I wish my pictures came out better, but not to worry, photos coming soon from the lovely Daniela Ciuffa!

Beautiful hand fans for all of the ladies.

Cake and cupcakes from Mary Frances at Cake Crumbs Cake Studio

To celebrate the bride's Polish heritage, the dancing troupe from Polonez performed during dinner service.

Congrats!! Have a fantastic trip to New York and the Bahamas!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

wedding rehearsals

image from Lisa Vorce at Oh, How charming!

To some people, wedding rehearsals are a mystery. It's usually the first time people have walked down an aisle and trust me, after attending my fair share of rehearsals, nerves often take over and some seem to forget how to walk!

After reading a recent conversation on twitter by TweetMyWedding, I put together a quick post about what usually happens during a wedding rehearsal.

Depending on your ceremony, some Officiants are laid back and some have a system. Rehearsals are generally their show. This is always true in a religious ceremony. We, as Wedding Coordinators, are there to ensure timing, to gather everybody and to get them all down the aisle.
Five easy points to a smooth wedding rehearsal:
  1. Introduction
  2. Line up, gather and position everybody that is walking down the aisle (includes parents, wedding party, flower girls, ring / coin bearers, sponsors, secondary sponsors, etc.)
  3. Procession and position
  4. Ceremony order including readings, songs, signing, pronouncement
  5. Recess

Ta da!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dahlia's Custom Cakes

I wanted to pop in here quickly and share some of the most amazing cakes I have ever seen! Check out this creations by Dahlia's Custom Cakes in Michigan.

Look at that detail!

Flavours include dark chocolate, fresh orange, vanilla cream, chocolate ginger, sweet banana, roasted hazelnut, red velvet, classic carrot, white cinnamon, freckled mocha .... Plus add in's such as cookie bits, chopped toffee, peppermint crunch, cacao beans, crushed malt balls and get this, herb and spice infusions!

These architectural inspired cakes are absolutely amazing.

This one has to be my favourite. Look at the detail!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

double header continued ...

As promised, here are the pictures from Barb and Paul's wedding on Sunday, August 16th at the Beach House Restaurant in West Vancouver.

You know how some days everything just falls into place? This was it! The day was absolutely beautiful. I mean, look at the view!

Breath taking flower arrangements by the Flower Factory. Wow! Wow! Wow!

Views of the set up inside and outside in the upper room.

Custom designed menus, guestbook cards, favour cards and invites by Blue Skies and Daisies.

As always, professional photos to follow by the lovely Kim Christie.

Congratulations B&P!

Monday, August 17, 2009

double header

Last weekend was a double header, first off was Leah and James on Saturday. They are one of the sweetest couples that we have had the pleasure to work with.

A few snapshots during set up. Look for some professional pictures later on by the fantastic duo of Holly and Roger from Union Photography. {I seriously love these two!}

Floral arrangements from Ali and her team over at Oasis Flowers.


stay tuned for a Beach House restaurant ...

Friday, August 14, 2009


If you twitter, you know all about #followfriday. I wanted to share some of my recent wedding finds with you.

(image credit: lollipop events)

twitter name: lollipopevents.
Based in San Diego, CA, Lollipop events is both a full service event and wedding coordination company as well as a print design company. I stumbled upon them while surfing the internet and was immediately drawn to their website. A great combination of fun, colour and amazing design!

Check out their blog for some daily inspiration.

(image credit: Rock N Roll Bride)

twitter name: RocknRollBride
Why? .... because everybody wants to be a rock and roll bride! One of the most innovative and freshest wedding blogs out there. Filled to the brim of daily inspiration through the website and some of the most amazing (sometimes good.. sometimes bad) images. If you are looking to add a little rock, a pinch of punk and maybe a side of indie, trust me, visit Kat's website!

(artist and image credit: the small object via Etsy)

twitter names: etsyfindsdaily and Etsy
Etsy is the place to find all things unique and handmade. They have categories that you can use to search for specific items and even a geographer locator to find a designer close to home. However, for newbies, sometimes etsy can be quite overwhelming which is where twitter comes in. EtsyFindsdaily tweets daily fresh picks for you to check out. Perfect way to discover new artists and things that you could not live without.

:: Follow me on twitter - lotusevents for daily ramblings on life, things around town, events and weddings ::

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Some summer snapshots from our past few weeks in and around town....

It's all about the pancakes at Deacon's!

We stumbled upon Krause Berry Farm by accident....

... by following these strawberry welcome signs!

Our haul plus a raspberry shortcake.

On my to do list: Homemade baked onion rings with fresh walla walla onions - yum!
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