Friday, April 30, 2010

things to do :: Got Craft?

illustration and design by The Beautiful Project

Got Craft? is this SUNDAY
Sunday, May 2nd, 2010
10:00am to 5:00pm
Royal Canadian Legion – 2205 Commercial Drive (at E. 6th Ave)
Admission $2.00 (kids 10 and under are free)

Vancouver’s largest indie craft fair is kicking off the 4th annual Spring show with 55 local, handmade vendors and a DIY table hosted by Spool of Thread Sewing Lounge to make your own crafts.

Did I mention there will be swag bags? The first 30 people through the door will receive a handmade tote bag filled with goodies from all of our vendors! Here is a sneak peek!

Please stop by and say hello! I will be the event selling my Roxypop goods!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

goodbye Vancouver, hello London

photo credit: nanew*

We hummed and we hawed ...
We went back and forth ...
We weighed out the pros and cons ...
We went through a rollercoaster of emotions ...
We reached a decision ...
and when I say we, I really mean I.

** drum roll ** ** drum roll ** ** drum roll ** ** drum roll ** ** drum roll ** ** drum roll ** ** drum roll ** ** drum roll **

We have decided to move abroad! Hello London! We have an opportunity to live and work unrestricted which we can't seem to pass up. I don't want to live life asking myself "what if", but I am filled with excitement and fear. Technically, we don't know anybody in London nor do we have jobs waiting for us. However, we are two smart cookies and if you have any connections or contacts, we would love to hear from you!

Why London? We love it there.

Where will we live? We've been there enough to know the general areas that we want to stay and we have a letting agent to help us along the process especially since we are bringing Cleo along with us.

What will we do? We had a fantastic time working on the Olympics in Vancouver and help to find an event related position. I hope to be involved in the crafts community overseas and keep on making while I am away.

What will this mean for lotus events?
Not much will change. We plan on continuing our work while we are away. lotus events along with our events such as Got Craft and Indie I Do will take on a more global feel. We have a qualified Assistant that will operate the Vancouver office and oversee all weddings and events plus we will still be available via email and telephone.

When will you leave? We realized that there isn't really a good time to leave. There is always something that we could stay for. The current plan is February 2011.

I'm thinking short term for now, but you never know. This is not goodbye! I'm already planning regular trips back to Vancouver. To those of you that have always wanted to go to London or go back to London, please visit. I mean it. I have a tendency to feel home sick, so we expect our flat to be a whirling door of visitors!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

preferred vendor lists

photo credit: Melissa Jill Photography

When you visit wedding venue or vendor websites, sometimes you may find a section titled "preferred vendors" or "recommended vendors". What exactly does this mean? When brides ask me for vendor suggestions, I always recommend people based on my previous experience working with them or whose work that I admire. lotus events do not accept commissions and any savings that we do receive from vendors are passed on to our clients.

I was on twitter the other day and came across a tweet by @melissajill that pretty much sums up some preferred vendor lists. You can read the full blog post here.

Regardless of what people tell you, remember, that you, as the wedding couple, must feel comfortable with your wedding vendor team. Ask questions.. check references... and don't forget to listen to your heart!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Etsy Finds Friday

Etsy Finds Friday is a speckle of random things that have caught my eye on Great ideas and lots of inspiration for your upcoming wedding or to add a little handmade love to your life.

photo credit go to the respective shops listed below

(From left to right)
Top: Sugar & Flour, Verabel Jewelry, Smart Fish

Middle: Eight Seasons, favorite design, Daisy Petal Designs

Bottom: Daily Paper, Lara Lewis, La Pomme

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

breakfast match up

This was floating around the blog network last month and thought I would share it with you. German photographer Oliver Schwarzwald photographed typical breakfasts from around the world. Can you name which breakfast is from which country?

When Robert and I got married, we spent five weeks traveling in London and across Eastern Europe. The hotel that we stayed at in Poland had a breakfast buffet and I have to admit that it was the first time I have ever seen bottles of Vodka served buffet style right next to the bagels. Now that I think about it... Germany was also the only place where I have ever been served orange juice and vodka where vodka made up 75% of the drink!

(found via A CUP OF JO and Flavorwire)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

things to do :: silent auction fundraiser

We first met Christi from Bueno Style at the very first Got Craft almost four years ago. Today, she needs your help to raise funds for the BMO Vancouver Marathon on Sunday, May 2nd.

As part of the Team In Training group, Christi is raising funds to help stop leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma from taking more lives. She's holding a silent auction with all proceeds towards the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada. Come on down to The Main Restaurant, head into the back room. Tickets are only $5.00!

date: Wednesday, April 21st, 2010
time: 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm
location: The Main Restaurant - 4172 Main Street

Bid on prize packages such as:

“I like Bikes” (Brand new Lezyne bike pump, new Abus lock, and Deluxe repair kits)
“Shop Cambie Village” (gift basket from Choices, Gift certificates from Cambie St. merchants)

There will also be tickets sold for a draw every half hour for $25.00 restaurant gift certificates, or salon gift certificates. All this plus door prizes - you can win prizes just for showing up!

If you can't make it out, but still want to help out, click here for my personal donation page. Any amount helps, and any donation $10.00 & over will automatically generate a tax receipt.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Etsy Finds Friday

Etsy Finds Friday is a speckle of random things that have caught my eye on Great ideas and lots of inspiration for your upcoming wedding or to add a little handmade love to your life.

photo credit go to the respective shops listed below

(From left to right)
Top: Yoola, Perch 52, Lynn's Little Shop

Middle: Chloe and Maddie, Junk Yard Finds

Bottom: favorite design, Bitter End, Les Marquise des Anges

Thursday, April 15, 2010

upscale comfort food

photo credit: Glowbal Collection

I saw this image pass through my facebook live feed and knew that I needed to research this a little more. Is this a real menu item!? Yes ma'am! It sure is.

This is the Junk Food Platter from Society located in Yaletown. For $18.00 you get everything on the plate and according to reviews, the ice cream sandwiches are where it's at.

Care to share a delicious cavity on a plate?

Monday, April 12, 2010

lists :: monday

photo credit: Maco@Sky Walker

Good morning! The weather outside seems to be holding nicely with some constant sun. After a week or two of wacky weather ... rain... sun... hail... snow... sun... wind... all in one day ... I'm not going to complain that it's just a tad nippy. Ha! Do you like how I slipped that in? I'm not going to complain, but then I did? Oh dear. I think I need to go back and sleep some more.

On the list this week ...

< eating > home made potato latkes and sour cream made from scratch

< drinking > iced americanos

< making > pencil pouch test samples

< sharing > image of tulips in a polaroid

< reading > new issue of ReadyMade and Uppercase Magazine

< learning > words such as "professional growth"

Saturday, April 10, 2010

I came across this image on the Target website advertising their wedding registry the other day. It seems completely un-like what a department store would normally use as part of their advertisements you know? Perhaps 'targeting' (pun not intended) to reach the indie bride market and giving it an environmentally friendly spin with the bicycles. Ask people if they like Walmart and most will answer "no". However, ask them about Target and most people will tell you what a magical place full of goodies it is even though they are both big box stores.

In 2008, Target started their designer series featuring collaborations with Liberty of London, Jean Paul Gaultier and Orla Kiely to name a few. Ads like the one above show that Target has been able to reach the DIY indie community. Trust me, I was in Portland when Orla Kiely's collection was released and it was total insanity. All the crafting blogs were talking about heading to Target or in most cases, multiple stores as everything was flying off the shelves.

At the moment, Target is only available in the US, but according to rumours, they do have future plans to move into Canada as part of their international expansion. Target, or Tar-jay as the cool kids call it, has always been a must stop whenever we go South of the border. Happy shopping!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Etsy Finds Friday

Etsy Finds Friday is a speckle of random things that have caught my eye on Great ideas and lots of inspiration for your upcoming wedding or to add a little handmade love to your life.

photo credit go to the respective shops listed below

(From left to right)
Top: Hot Pink Chick, Talulabelles, Chloe and Maddie
Middle: Daisy Petal Designs, IS Photography, Be Something New
Bottom: Perch52, Tales of Toot & Bubby

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

my uncle tito

When I was little, I used to be terrified of my uncle Tito. Absolutely terrified for no reason. He was always nice and friendly, but if we were at my Aunt's and my uncle was on his way over, I would want to go home. Once, he took me to see fireworks and ice cream. My aunt had to work, so it was the two of us. Apparently, I watched the fireworks and ate my ice cream, but didn't say a word. So odd right? Fast forward five or so years later and we are best buds! Uncle Tito.. he's so cool. He's Chinese-Peruvian and the owner of Killarney Market which was featured in the last Michael Buble video, Haven't Met You Yet.

One of my first jobs was a cashier at the market. I was still in high school and completing my 100 work hours for graduation. I used to have a little cheat sheet with the codes for the popular veggies and fruit that I would stick next to the register. How on earth are you suppose to remember all of this?

Before Killarney, my uncle owned an IGA by Fraser and West 49th Avenue which is now a Blockbuster. My mom worked in the meat department and we used to go visit all the time. I used to make my rounds around the store, sample some food from the lunch room and if I was lucky, I got to use the price gun.

Monday, April 5, 2010

big island / honolulu - day nine & ten

On day nine, we stopped at the Mauna Loa Macadamia Nut Factory and went on a self guided tour. The factory is 3 miles from the main road where you drive through 2500 acres consisiting of 250,000 macadamia trees. I made Robert stop the car, so that I could check out the trees. You were allowed to take the nuts that had fallen on the ground, but obviously, not off the trees.

The factory has a row of windows where you basically pressed your faces on to watch the workers inside which was a bit odd, but I love factory tours!

The machine places the base of the chocolate on the conveyor belt and these ladies place the macadamian nut inside by hand. Yes, folks... by HAND.

They then travel down the conveyor belt where they get their chocolate covers... through a cooling vent.. and then are met by these ladies which place them in the box. Again... they do this all by hand! It looks a time management game on the iphone! It seems pretty fun for maybe 30 minutes are so, but I can't imagine doing this all day, 5 days a week.

Our last day was spent coasting around Hilo, relaxing in the jacuzzi and enjoying the warmth of Honolulu one last time. That's it for Hawaii.

PS. We returned home last Wednesday, but I wish I was still there!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

big island hawaii - day eight

I thought my camera finally called it quits. There was a wierd green streak that showed up on the screen, but not on any of the images. Turns out that the camera wasn't too happy with the high altitudes of Mauna Kea, so no new camera for me.

Today was our last full day on the Big Island before we head back to Honolulu. Since it was a Sunday, there wasn't much that was opened and we missed the Farmers Market since their hours were 6:15am to 8:45am. Can you imagine how early you would have to leave your house if you were a vendor? Gah.

We went for a scenic drive through Hilo today. Check out the papayas that grow all over Hawaii and the huge ones in somebody's front yard (below).

All in all, it's a pretty quiet picture day, so thought I would upload a few images of the cabin we are staying in...

View into the kitchen...

Living area...

Through the bathroom into the Jacuzzi room

Friday, April 2, 2010

Etsy Finds Friday

Etsy Finds Friday is a speckle of random things that have caught my eye on Great ideas and lots of inspiration for your upcoming wedding or to add a little handmade love to your life.

photo credit go to the respective shops listed below

(From left to right)
Top: lil ribbers, Melabo, Susan Hazel Rich
Middle: Dashing Etc., Fantasy Floral Designs, Nature Favors
Bottom: the Small Object, nuvonova, Fat Daddy Bakeshop

Thursday, April 1, 2010

big island hawaii - day seven

Day seven took us to the point of Mauna Kea, situated on the Big Island, is the highest point of Hawaii at 16,000 feet. Instead of joining a tour group, it was more economical to rent our own vehicle and join one of the free tours hosted by volunteers from the visitor center. Due to the high altitude, there is a set of rules that you must follow including no ordinary vehicles allowed due to the steep, unpaved roads. We rented a four wheel drive for the day and drove up to the Visitors Center (meeting point) 9,000ft up about an hour prior to the tour to get used to the altitude.

Once they gather everybody, they sit you down to watch a 60 minute video about the history of the mountain and a quick orientation. Volunteers do a quick check on everybodys gas and to make sure they know how to use their four wheel drive. As a convoy, there was a lead vehicle, 5 visitor vehicles and a park ranger bringing up the rear. If you didn't have a four wheel drive and wanted to go up, you were matched up with another vehicle that had space. We ended up taking a guy who was visiting from Germany for 3.5 weeks up to the top.

We made a stop at 11,000ft, so that they could check to see how our group was feeling. Me? Not, so hot. I felt fine getting out of the car, but a few steps later, I almost threw up in the circle we were standing in. Not a great way to start the journey! Breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth ..... I was back to normal after a few minutes. The atmospheric pressure up here is 40 percent less than at sea level. Less oxygen is available to the lungs, and acute mountain sickness is common.

(inside the W.M. Keck Obervatory)

(each mirror in the telescope is worth $1.5 million each.. each telescope has 36 mirrors and there are two telescopes in total plus spares - almost $100 million in mirrors)

Mauna Kea is a very remote location. It has no public accommodations, food, or gasoline service. The observatory buildings are usually closed to the public. There are no permanent restrooms above the Visitor Information Station. The portable toilets that they do have are all tied down, so that they do not blow away. The road above the Visitor's Center to the Mauna Kea Observatories is unpaved, rough, steep, winding, and dangerous.

During the winter months, heavy storms commonly deposit several feet of snow. Minimum nighttime winter temperatures at the summit are around -4 degrees Celsius (25 degrees Fahrenheit); minimum daytime temperatures are about +4 degrees Celsius (40 degrees Fahrenheit), but wind chill and the high altitude can make it seem much colder. It was so wierd to pack flip flops, short skirts, t-shirts, bathing suit and then have to pack for winter.

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