Tuesday, February 24, 2009

a got craft update

Just because I haven't blogged much doesn't mean that its been quiet over here. Very much the opposite actually! For example, yesterday, I woke up at 7:19 am and by 8 am, I had done 20 minutes of pilates, gone to Starbucks and had an argument with the barista about their return policy. For the record, it was a gift which means we do not have a receipt, but the product was faulty! *breathe*


We are happy to confirm the crafty rumours that have been buzzing around lately! Vancouver’s largest indie craft fair has gone bite sized! Got Craft is set to take place every second Sunday between June to November from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm at Little Mountain Studios located at 195 E. 26th Avenue (at Main Street).

Featuring a rotating list of 13 vendors, Got Craft? showcases the best hand made vendors in the City!

Interested in participating?

Contact me at info(dot)gotcraft(com) for an application

Jeannette and Cornelieus are also working hard on the new Got Craft website launch. It is going to look so faannnccyyy!!! Stay tuned for more information. Jeannette (The Beautiful Project) also designed the logo above and will be designing the postcards and posters for this years' Got Craft.

The swag bags are coming along. I swear, these two sets may be the bane of my existence :) hehe. I don't remember it taking this long last year, but Rob keeps telling me it is because I am doing both sets at the same time this year.

On my to do list:
:: first 5 weddings of the year
:: Swap-O-Rama-Rama Vancouver
:: Got Craft
:: Great American PitchFest
:: Scotiabank Charity Challenge Half Marathon & 5K
:: Indie I Do

I need a nap.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

your opinion

Art or home decor faux pas?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

better late than never

Happy belated Valentine's Day!

Nothing says I love you like $255 US and 7.5 pounds of chocolate!


Hanging around the Mississippi area yesterday and I came across the rebuilding center. I love how they used vintage and recycled windows as part of their building.

Then over to Pistils Nursery where we discovered that you can learn all about Urban Farming including buying chicks and chickens! They have workshops called Urban Farming 101 where they teach you how to raise your own chickens, bees, goats and other animals. I have a phobia with the whole bird / flapping thing so I stayed my distance. Supposedly, Vancouver does not allow you to have chickens in your yard, but you can have them if you live in Burnaby. Burnaby's rules are suppose to be less strict and I heard that they are kind of out dated such as "you may have water fowl, but they may not live under your home?"... huh?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

the best doughnut shop ever!

Yes, we are in Portland AGAIN! It was a Valentines... "hey do you want to go somewhere?"... "let's go to Portland".. kind of thing. So here we are.

We got in late last night as I had a few meetings to attend to yesterday morning. After we checked in, we headed over to Powells to go and purchase The Zinester's Guide to Portland (2007): A Low/No Budget Guide to Visiting and Living in Portland, Oregon which was highly recommended to us by Jeannette and Cornelius. Unfortunately, we couldn't find it, but we will try again and ask at the little info desk up front.

Anyways, the reason why I am posting is this cute little doughnut shop that we found on our trip downtown! Voodoo Doughnuts !! This place is so cool. So perfect for Indie I Do! They even have their wedding packages listed here. I'm not even a big fan of doughnuts, but I love this place. Where else are you going to find chandeliers in a doughnut shop?

I love the doughnut display!

Yes, that doughnut is covered with fruit loops....

and this one is for Albertine. You can't love bacon this much!! Or can you!?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


We have no food at home and what bread we had left over went moldy. It's just one of those days.

So what's for lunch? I had to go to the post office and over to staples to go binder shopping, so I stopped in at Max's Deli. I love their egg salad sandwich.

Sandwiches and corn chowder soup from Smeeta's blog plus new stationery.. what a day!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

I got tagged ...

like 5 times! So I figured I would get on with it and since I spent all that time trying to think up stuff to say, I might as well share it over here as well.

Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you.

1. I like to smell my bread before I eat it. Has to be fresh and only certain types of bread qualifies.

2. I have a half brother that I have never met

3. I once dated a guy that caused $3000 worth of damage to my car solely with his foot.

4. I like salty more than sweet.

5. I am an only child with only one cousin, but we are 11 years apart.

6. My brain is always working. I often lie awake with ideas racing.

7. I fall on the cusp between a Libra and a Sagittarius.

8. I have a bird phobia.

9. I have a taxidermy phobia. I can't step foot into Natural History Museums.

10. I am a born entrepreneur. I am always up to something.

11. I lost 20 pounds in 2 - 3 weeks in Grade 11. I was diagnosed with Juvenile Arthritis. I still get pain every few years where I can not walk.

12. I must always be doing something. I can't sit still.

13. I could eat hawaiian pizza and sushi every day.

14. I am writing a book.

15. I am obsessed with fake food... especially minatures.

16. I have slashed one set of tires. They deserved it.

17. I used to pinch the other kids at Sunday school. Nobody ever suspected the quiet Asian kid.

18. Only my middle fingers are double jointed.

19. I have never smoked or done drugs.

20. I have freakly strong legs due to 8 years of swimming lessons.

21. I am a crazy cat person.

22. I like to bite. It relieves stress.

23. I think I like muffins.. but really.. I don't.

24. I had hair transplant surgery due to a bad salon dryer experience. I don't blow dry my hair ever.

25. I can't walk with a cup of coffee. Even if there is a lid on it, 98% of the time it will still spill.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Perogy, pierogi or pirogi?

Pierogi (also perogi, perogy, pirohi, piroghi, pirogi, pirogen, pierogy, pirohy, or pyrohy), from the Proto-Slavic "pir" (festivity), is the name most commonly used in English speaking areas to refer to a variety of Slavic semicircular (or, in some cuisines, square) boiled dumplings of unleavened dough stuffed with varying ingredients.

excerpt from Wikipedia

Whatever you may call them, I call them Y-U-M! Last night was perogy night at the Ukrainian Cultural Center near Main Street and E. 10th Avenue. We got there about 20 minutes after it opened and there was a crazy line up! One for people that were eating at the Hall and one for take out. Once we finally made it inside, we waited to be seated then joined another line up where we paid and got our food. This was a picture of the line up inside. It circled the entire venue which was around 3000 sq ft!

I think Rob, Lili, Henry and I were in line for a good hour before we started eating. By that time, I think we were so excited to get our meal that we forgot to take any pictures until we finished! Don't worry, we plan on attending the next one and will be sure to document our meals :D Every first Friday of the month!

Stuffed full of perogies, cabbage rolls, sausage and salad, we made our way to the Vancouver Art Gallery for the opening of How Soon is Now. The How Soon is Now exhibition is part of the Vancouver 2010 Cultural Olympiad which represents work done by artists in the region. It just so happens that Lili and Henry had extra tickets for us, because not only is Henry's cousin one of the participating artist, but he helped her in making this!

Yup. A giant pom pom! This giant pom pom has been traveling the world in various exhibitions for the past four years and it sold last night! Here is a sampling of some of my favourites ...

Made entirely of crepe paper.

Upon closer look, the skull is made up of paper flowers. Each flower is individually mounted directly to the wall to form a skull.

Us just goofing around.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

georgia straight

With so much going on in the past few weeks, I completely forgot to mention that lotus events was featured on the front page of the wedding section in the Georgia Straight!

Read all about the article how 'Untraditional Get Hitched Indie Style here.

photo courtesy of the Georgia Straight
dress by Pure Something

Monday, February 2, 2009

office worker

I haven't worked in an office for almost 5 years! Today, I start my contract with the Scotiabank Half Marathon & 5K as their Charity Coordinator, which means that not only am I going to work in an office, but this is a banking office! This means not only office attire, but proper banking attire. Eek. Thank goodness that I only have to go in about once every two weeks. That was a part of the deal. Although, I love money and being offered great positions, I have to say that its hard to give up my usual pajama uniform :D

Update: Started work at 10am and was on the bus home by 10:40am.  Sweet!  Plus, I scored one laptop, one blackberry and one security pass.  I love new toys!

I still need to get dressed and head downtown, so in the meantime, here are the last of the San Diego pictures... Depending on where we travel, we usually rent an apartment for our stay.

A) Usually much cheaper than a hotel
B) You get an entire apartment with full kitchen and washer / dryer = not eating out every single meal
C) Usually situated in a non touristy part of town

Our view straight into the San Diego Padres stadium.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

last day in San Diego

We actually returned home late Friday night, but I do wish I was still under the San Diego sun. I miss the warmth. Especially when I look out the window as it is currently raining wet snow! I did come home with a bit of a tan on my arms, but who could tell under my shirt, sweater and jacket? *smirk* Oh well...

Art. Same concept as our bears / orcas / eagles.

The last day in San Diego was kind of crazed. We decided to take the ferry across to Coronado Beach. The ferry left at two different points - every 2 hours at the back of the Convention Center and every hour by the cruise ship terminal - both accessible by the trolley. By the time we were ready to go, the ferry from the cruise ship terminal was the earliest departure, so we hopped on to the trolley and made our way over. We realized that as we arrived at the trolley station, we only had 5 minutes before we departed, so we decided to go for a coffee instead. One iced coffee later (it was really hot that day!), we made our way back to the convention center to catch the next ferry. Unfortunately, we could not find the dock! So we then took a walk by the water and went to visit Seaport Village. A few hours of aimlessly wandering around, we finally caught the ferry back at the cruise ship terminal and made the journey across!

Checked out the Santa Fe train station and had a bathroom break!

It was beautiful over there. (That's Rob on the left!)

The famous Hotel del Coronado.

They were setting up for a dinner on the beach while we were there. You can pretty much always bet on good weather here!

On the way back, the ferry made a stop at the US Navy base which is where they filmed Top Gun. The taxi driver on the drive back to the airport also pointed out the Barbeque House where all of the bar scenes from the film was shot.

I slipped this picture in... it was an odd feeling to be wearing short sleeves and flip flops in January. The trees were dead, but yet, it was so warm.
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