Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Do you know how happy I was to find out that I was going to be in Portland during Crafty Wonderland's Holiday Sale? SO HAPPY!!
I have been wanting to see Crafty Wonderland forever! It was worth waiting in the freezing cold to get in and then manuevering through the crowd shoulder to shoulder to see all the handmade goodies Portland had to offer. The picture above shows the line up to get in and this picture was taken from the corner so it doesn't even include all the people from the door of the building to the corner where we were. The first 100 people got swag bags and now I understand how it feels to be the first 25 at got craft!

Other than Crafty Wonderland, we visited Pittock Mansion to see their Christmas displays and took the free train out to the Saturday Portland Market. Met an awesome lady who made the cutest duct tape wallets. I didn't take a picture of her, but wish I had a picture of her wallets. I don't know.. is it ok to take a picture of somebody's crafts eventhough you have no intention to copy it, but just because you love their work?? hmmmm....

Also went to Powells Book Store. I swear I have never seen so many books in my life! That place was like a maze of booky goodness. Thank goodness, each area was colour coded or I would probably still be there. Picked up a few sewing books and I am definately hoping for a sewing machine this Christmas. I am positive that if I can teach myself how to knit and crochet then I will conquer my fears of sewing!

Oh yeah.. forgot to mention that we ran into Darth Vader, Obi Wan and some Storm Troopers ringing their bells for the Salvation Army. You don't see that on the street everyday!

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