Monday, December 8, 2008

Got Craft!

Got Craft was sheer insanity! Shoppers were lined up at 9:00am for a 11:00am start time. Good thing they were early though, by 11:00am there was a good line up from the second floor to the street and around the corner. By 11:15am, 100 people had already come through the doors. That wasn't even the end of it. There was a line up to the street for the first two hours of the show. It was crazy. We had to close the doors, because there was so many people inside!

Our final attendee count came in at a whopping 1175 at 5:30pm (6pm closing). We had a very very busy few weeks distributing cards / posters, attending 12 different craft shows and just spreading the word and it looks like it paid off.

Here is a fabulous blog post from Michelle at Scout including some wonderful shots that she took of the event.

line up to get in!

busy shoppers!

The picture of my wool felt hearts was taken by the lovely Kimli. You can check out her blog here.

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