Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Indie I Do

Indie I Do is an alternative to the cookie cutter wedding where one size does not fit all. The first show of its kind in Canada and the second annual edition for us, Indie I Do revolutionizes an industry that is dominated by commercial products and provides couples with the opportunity to think outside the box.

The indie wedding market is almost non-existent as couples often have to search high and low to find the products and services that will help create a wedding day full of personal touches without an unnecessary price tag to go with it. Indie I Do is a one-stop show featuring the non-traditional alongside the traditional.

While the show will naturally attract couples looking at completely non-traditional weddings, the intent is to also introduce those couples with more traditional events to unique touches and alternatives that they can incorporate into their events.

For more information and to purchase tickets, please visit the Indie I Do website.

Want to win a pair of tickets to the show? Leave a comment or an email at info(at)lotusvents(dot)ca about what you will be doing at your wedding that is unique and non-traditional! Remember to leave a contact to reach you at!


  1. ditching the things about weddings that dont reflect us as a couple. coming up with our own rituals and traditions and creating ways for our families and communities to be a part of not only our ceremony but our marriage.

  2. so, i have this crazy, totally unconventional and untraditional idea.

    my fiance proposed during the festival of lights @van dusen, thus i naturally thought the picturesque garden would be the perfect ceremony venue. but when i did a lil digging on their website for a price breakdown, my credit card almost went into 'card'iac arrest.

    that's when my marketing brain came up with - a flash mob wedding. we would provide our guests with only a time+meeting place within the garden grounds, and we would pay for their entry fee of 10 bucks to visit during the festival. with our guest list of 100 odd people, that's still only $1,000 - hundreds of dollars cheaper than their booking rates. and we would provide the festival with free, unexpected entertainment ;)

    admittedly, my fiance and i do not have the guts to carry out such a wacky wedding ceremony strategy, not to mention the high possibility of our asian parents disowning us. but just in case, let's just keep this on the down low...


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