Thursday, October 21, 2010

london :: mini cooper tours

found via London Relocation blog

Robert just got his UK driving books in the mail earlier this week which often lead to the question of, "Am I going to drive in London?". Which is then followed by "No, way!". A) Almost everything is standard B) I'm driving on the other side of the road C) I barely drive in Vancouver and that's probably a walk in the park compared to downtown London. I know that some of you that have done it before say that it is easier to drive in London than Vancouver, because even though drivers move fast, they have a level of order. You know what my plan is? To get a REALLY good job with a driver. Yeah, wouldn't that be ideal? :) HA!

This is where smallcarBIGCITY comes in. Although, not a commuter service, they offer tours around London by chauffeurs dressed in period '60s attire, set to a '60s music and the best part, they scoot you all over town in a mini cooper! I kind of feel sorry for the two people stuck in the back seat, but we are so doing this! Cars are also available for mini hire - weddings, events, film and for private hire.

At first, I thought they had tours in London given by a group of local hipsters. Well, not quite. Upon closer inspection, I guess the guys pictured would need some skinny jeans.

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