Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Ack.. it's hot

5.5 hours later and 43 degrees celsius, we finally made it through Death Valley. Ohmygoodness, it was hot hot hot!
The wind was hot. Our car was hot. The ground was hot. It was so dry and hot in some areas that there was nothing except rocks. However, if you have never been to Death Valley, it is absolutely breath taking. It is amazing to think that this area was once covered by the ocean to the tips of the mountains. You can still some of the areas where they mined for silver, zinc and calcium. We felt like a car commercial driving through the winding paths against the mountain with no car insight behind or in front of us. We needed a tag on the frame that said "Do not attempt. Professional driver. Closed course."!

Arrived in Vegas later in the evening. Walked over to the Bellagio and caught two fountain performances - my favourite! This is my 3rd or 4th time to Vegas and everytime I come here it is a little different. The new monorail is up and running from the MGM to the Sahara and the Aladdin has now become the Planet Hollywood. Then still it is the same vegas with the cheesy themes, shows, drunk people, smoke.... oh well.. you gotta love it!

Pic #1 - gopher type animal from Yosemite
Pic #2 - driving with a long road ahead of us and no vehicle insight
Pic #3 - this was once the ocean bed
Pic #4 - fountains of Bellagio facing the Paris Hotel

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