Saturday, June 2, 2007

It's June!

I remember Rob and I freezing our behinds off wondering if summer was ever going to arrive and then POW!

So what's happening in June?

Thanks to Blue Olive for having us over last night to play some WII and drink mojitos! You guys have the cutest cats ever!
They also came out to our last event at the Western Front - GOT CRAFT? - and took some amazing (as always) photographs of our vendors' crafts - thanks for the college.

Rob and I are headed to the Rockwater on the Sunshine Coast this Wednesday for Katie and Allan's wedding. Most of their guests are coming from out of town, so this is a destination / holiday wedding with a BBQ in Vancouver on Tuesday, Rehearsal BBQ on Wednesday at the Rockwater, Wedding on Thursday and Breakfast on Friday.

Has anybody seen the UBC Boathouse in Richmond? What a beautiful venue! We have a wedding their in the Fall and can't believe that we never knew about this hidden gem.

5 more days to LA!

Rob and I leave on Sunday to meet up with Cassandra from I Heart Indie Weddings in Seattle, then off to Portland to check out Crafty Wonderland. We are travelling through Oregon and stopping in San Francisco, the Coast, Anaheim (Disney, of course!) and will be at the Great American PitchFest from June 21 - 24.

So next question is... how much stuff can I fit in the back of a Toyota, two door, hatchback?

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