Sunday, April 6, 2008

introducing our new services...

Did you know? lotus events now offers baby and dog sitting services!
Just kidding.

We watched our little buddy Alex on Thursday morning while Mommy went to run some errands. Unfortunately, I forgot the camera! Good times were had by all. Played with some cars, made a mess with the wooden blocks, read some books, drank some milk, ate some chips, watched Uncle Rob struggle to turn on the DVD player... ahh.. good times.

Next on the list is Roxy the (terrible) Jack Russell Terrier. Well.. she's more mischievous and in your face than terrible. We haven't seen her for quite a while and at first, I think she was wondering who the heck we were. It didn't take long to get re-acquainted and then we spent the night cuddled together and fighting for more bed space. Oh Roxy... you are so crazy! Her fur Mom and Dad are back Monday afternoon so until then our day is spent playing catch and chasing each other around the house.

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