Thursday, April 10, 2008

our home

It is official. We are moving!

We currently live in Kerrisdale and although, it is a very nice neighbourhood, the 7-11 closes at 11pm! Yup. They gate it up and everything! We have been here for three years and actually know most of the people around us. People wave, smile and stop to chat here! Our claim to fame is that Clay St. Thomas from JRFM and formally Z95 lives next door to us! Why are we moving?

a) Need to live in an area where we can walk / bike to things so that we can drive less
b) Need more light
c) Our current place is being demolished (old family home)

I actually lived here when I was a wee little one with my parents, but I'm not sad that the house needs to go as I have no emotional ties to it. I think mentally, we have already moved out and we look forward to moving on! However, we have gotten quite comfortable with the amount of space we currently have and can't believe how much stuff we have accumulated. Our new place is approximately 650 sq ft, so we are definitely going to have to down size!

The pictures above are of our current place - hall to the bedroom / laundry / extra room / storage, kitchen, work area, tv area. Sorry for the mess... got craft swag / printing materials / craft stuff / things to go to the salvation army, etc. has taken over the place. =)

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