Sunday, October 12, 2008

newport & crafty wonderland

I have been waiting months to try Dutch Brothers coffee and I finally did it in Newport! Well worth the wait! The cups are rather odd though. It's more like a sippy cup. Perfect for me though. I'm prone to spilling coffee even when there is a lid on it!

We made it into Portland yesterday and spent the weekend cruising our usual spots, plus exploring some new places. We went to the Doug Fir Lounge to meet Torie and Cathy from Crafty Wonderland, but ended up just meeting Cathy as Torie just had a baby and couldn't make it. As I mentioned before, this is the first time that Got Craft and Crafty Wonderland will be cross promoting each others' Christmas craft fairs. We hope to make it down to their holiday show on December 14th and will hopefully be giving them a helping hand where needed.

On a side note, we have been bouncing this idea around for awhile now, but would anybody out there be interested in a monthly craft show?! This would definitely be smaller than the one at the Legion.. perhaps somewhere on Main Street... held monthly.. all handmade... thoughts?

I bought way too much stuff today.. small ceramic cooking pots, a pair of shoes, a vintage handbag and this awesome pin from Dena Drake. Check out her creations here. At first glance it looks like the images are silk screened onto felt, but they are actually hand embroidered.

We leave for San Francisco first thing tomorrow morning.. stay tuned for more.

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