Wednesday, December 16, 2009


It took us five married years to finally get a Christmas tree. Remember the story? Well Rob's mom came over the other day with a tub of Christmas decorations for us to pick through. Rob chose the ones he made when he was little and those that had special childhood memories and I picked out all of the vintage glass ornaments. The ones below are my favourite.

For garland, we went to Daiso and bought four packs of pom poms that we strung together. Our tree was a bit sparse even with the two strings of lights we picked up, but it looked good!

We have our snowman from when I was a kid and the Christmas decorations (set of five plastic figurines that screws over the lights, but we just made hooks for them) that we bought from Green Hearts at October's Blim market.

However, a thrifting trip to Seattle and Portland and we are back with so much treasure! Wow. I had to start restraining myself.

Vintage bottle brush trees from Magpie Ethel. I only had a limited supply of cash at Crafty Wonderland, but I should have bought the big tree she had and more little trees. I can't find these anywhere in Vancouver and I love them!

Wooden ornaments for 19 cents plus 25% off. Dude! How could I resist?

My stocking. My aunt had a co-worker make this for me when I was little. Isn't it beautiful? Look at the detail. All of it is hand beaded. Amazing!

More vintage glass ornaments. I think I have a problem .... :)

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