Wednesday, February 24, 2010

lotus events @ indie i do

photo credit: Tracey Heppner

Tracey Heppner is one of the most nicest people in the universe. Seriously. Hand down. She spent the entire day at Indie I Do last January just hanging out and snapping beautiful images of our lovely vendors. Pictured above is our booth set up. Displays are always so difficult for me. I have two concerns: 1) To stay on budget and 2) To not have to transport / move too many things i.e. everything needs to fit in a Toyota Echo Hatchback.

My inspiration for this year... a blue and white checkered table cloth I thrifted from Portland. That white crinkly linen on top? That's an Ikea blanket. The petit fours? Made of felt and glue. The cutlery? That was a wedding present from Robert's sister that has never really been used except for Indie I Do booth displays. Everything else? Thrifted or from around the house. Oh yes... and the background? That's a 4ft x 8ft chalkboard that has hand drawn images of all things wedding planning by phanie.

I love it!

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