Friday, June 25, 2010


photo credit / source: unknown (please comment if you know where this is from)

Summer has finally arrived and with it, brings change. Two blogs (lotus + got craft), plus my feature on Granville Online, Facebook and Twitter (@lotusevents), can take up a lot of one's time. So to streamline things, I have been going back and forth deciding to whether or not whip this one into shape or just to move the two blogs into one.

Not to mention that Robert reminded me the other day that I only have 4 mere months before the holiday craft fairs start up and I just received a rather large wholesale order that I need to start making.

With weddings in full force, blogging, summer events and making, this picture represents the hundreds of different ideas and items on our to do list that are escaping. Not necessarily out of control, but we are working hard to rein them in and grow each thought before they fly away and disappear.

So yes, I will be taking a short hiatus while I gather my thoughts and will return when I have something to say.

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