Thursday, August 26, 2010

wedding ideas :: hatch my house

Maybe it was because I am Chinese, but when Robert and I got married, somehow we ended with 5 rice cookers. Yup. I'm pretty sure one of them was like a 60 cup cooker. 60 cups!?

Hatch My House is a non traditional twist to a very traditional element of any wedding, the gift registry. HMH is a new online gift and down payment registry which is open to anybody with a PayPal account or is willing to register for one. Once you complete the process and pay a $24.95 sign up fee, you have the opportunity to design a house, right down to setting (suburb, beach, city) style (brownstone, colonial) and colour, and invite your family and guests to help you pay for a down payment, home improvements or furniture for your new life together.

Easy peasy. No more awkward questions about how to ask for cash in lieu of bath towels. To register or find out more information, click here.

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