Wednesday, January 5, 2011

on the radar

found via the other side of the shelf by Paul Octavious

My brain still wants to be on holiday mode. MmmmmMmm.. how were your holidays?

Feeling better these days. Was hit with a fever half way through Got Craft back at the beginning of December which then progressed to strep throat due to stress and a virus that turned my eyes bloodshot. My eyes cleared up in a few days, but the throat persisted through Hawaii and left me with a cough that I am still experiencing. One more trip to the clinic today confirmed that something in my throat was still partying it up, so hopefully this more powerful and $$ antibiotics will clear it once and for all. Better to nip it in the bud here then overseas.

As for our move, the apartment is emptying out and we are starting to hear echos. Apartment viewings started earlier in the week... my mom came back and rummaged through a bunch of stuff that she wanted ... international shipping company picked up our 7 boxes and 2 pieces of furniture that are being shipped. Next on the list is photographing and listing everything for sale and tying up some loose ends.

A lot of mixed emotions coming from me. I have also been tossing and turning a lot these last couple of nights. Stress? Sadness? Fear? Excitement? All of the above? Time is just w-h-i-z-z-i-n-g by!

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