Sunday, January 30, 2011

this time next week

(images from the past week)

This time next week we will be busy getting ready to start our first full week as residents in London! The past few weeks have been filled with friends, eating, packing, working, cleaning, re-packing, cat sitting, more eating - wash, rinse and repeat.

I'm looking forward to cooking meals at home and stop wearing the same two outfits, because I'm not sure where anything else is. Oh, the joy to be able to actually find something! 

We fly out on the evening of February 1st, land February 2nd and will be picked up by our relocation agent (he just happens to be Canadian!) on February 3rd. Our agent will show us 15 to 20 properties in one day depending on what is available and the goal is to have us find a new home in one day. Keep in mind that it is a competitive market. This is how it's done over there. Plus, we have Cleo (cat) and they don't usually advertise if pets are allowed even if they are and if you really like a flat, you are able to offer the owner more than the asking price to guarantee getting it. It's pricey (one month's rent), but for us, the agent is the way to go. We want to settle in as quickly as possible and want somebody on our side to negotiate all the details on our behalf.

The plan is to tweet and blog as much as I can, but it may get a little quiet while we transition into our new surroundings and get the internet and phone set up. Some days will just be pictures of everyday life... some days will include more. We'll be staying in Wimbledon the first week we arrive. Any tips on where to eat, drink, shop or see? What would you do if you were visiting London? You can find posts from our last visit in Oct 2009 here. Bon voyage!

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