Thursday, February 24, 2011

london :: randoms wk 2

 (ASDA - aka Walmart)
 (Antiques at Spitalfields)

(crazy how skinny some of the buildings are)

Since we didn't have a reliable internet connection last week, here are some random snapshots from around London. Here are some things that we have learned recently (check out week one here!):

  1. We live near East Putney station which is at the end of zone 2. If we want to head to Wimbledon, we need to upgrade to zone 3 (just like in Vancouver). However, if you travel by bus, there are no zones. Saves money and you see more!
  2. Eggs are located in the middle of the grocery store and are not refridgerated. This through me for a loop a few visits ago. I just kept circling the shop.
  3. Car insurance is ridiculously cheap here. Think £200 for the year. Cars are more affordable here as well.
  4. If the shop states that they are open 24 hours, they do not mean on Sunday's. Sunday hours are generally 11-4pm or 11-5pm.
  5. The largest tub of catnip I can find is 2oz. For all those wanting catnip toys, I will be busy stuffing when I get to Vancouver for the Spring Got Craft event.
  6. Cornish pasties have been given a protective status. To call the pasty Cornish, they have a long list of rules they must meet which include:
  • must be prepared in Cornwall, but can be cooked elsewhere
  • must only be made with beef (at least 12.5% beef)
  • must have the distinctive 'D' shape 
  • must have a robust crust that survives baking and cooling

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