Thursday, February 3, 2011

found :: one flat

Just over 24 hours after we landed, we were picked up by our relocation agent and taken on a tour of 22 properties. They guarantee finding a flat for us by the end of the day, and sometime around 3:30pm (UK time), we found 'the one'. Two bedrooms, separate craft room, own mail slot at our door, two bath, cat friendly and private roof top terrace. All in our budget. Isn't that crazy!? It's a freaking house! The listing has been taken off the market and the owner has accepted our offer (prices can be negotiated here). We placed a deposit and are now waiting for a reference check. If it comes back positive, we move in February 10th where we will meet our landlord and go through the house to let them know which pieces of furniture we want and what needs to be removed (most flats come furnished, but you can request for it be unfurnished or partially furnished).

Fingers crossed...

If there isn't much happening over here, then check out the Got Craft blog.

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