Wednesday, March 9, 2011

move in

Well, it wasn't exactly move in day, but our boxes from Vancouver arrived yesterday. I have been wearing the same 3 pairs of shoes since the first week of January and I can not explain to you how fantastic it feels to now have a choice!

We lost one mason jar (it was a good one too - huge with a glass lid) and the top piece of a library catalogue drawer snapped, but that should be fixable with some wood glue. Rob was carrying the catalogue from the kitchen into the reception room and one of the drawers shot out. Of course, the cat was hanging out on the stairs, so imagine the drawer sliding down while the cat is busy running up and trying to dodge it. It looked like one of those Japanese game shows! Other than that, it looks like everything made it. We still have things in Vancouver that we would like to eventually bring over, but we will figure that out in May. 

We are still waiting for the management company to contact the landlord and get the official 'ok' that we are able to paint and put up some shelving. I can live with the colour, but I really want to put up some shelving to display my pyrex, etc. We are also waiting to hear back regarding when the landlord will be removing her furniture from the flat. It will be pretty empty for awhile, but hoping to make friends with a big vehicle soon. Boot sale road trip!

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  1. Very exciting to finally get your belongings!! Definitely will help make it feel more like home. We just arrived into New Zealand, though we sold or donated every household item, and now that we have a house and ready to move in, I kinda wish we had decided to ship everything and keep it. Now to make our new home, home-y with new things.


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