Friday, May 2, 2008

empty home

Here are some pictures of our empty home. Things are slowly being moved in.. I emphasize the word slowly.

I love moving to a new place, but I hate the actual moving part. I forgot how tiring packing up your life was.

We moved Cleo over last night and she after pacing the place for most of the day, she has finally settled in. The couch and large lamp is coming tomorrow. Of course, the bookcases that I want from Ikea are back ordered for another 3 weeks! Ugh. No problem though.. we are swinging down to Portland for some dining room chairs and an arm chair that I saw at a vintage store (fingers crossed that it is still there) so we will check the Ikea down there. Did you know that some things are cheaper at different Ikea stores? The faucet that we bought for our other place at the Richmond Ikea was $79. The same faucet at the Portland Ikea was $39 regular price!

I have a million things to do and something super special to tell you, but you will have to wait!

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