Monday, May 26, 2008

things are getting busy

i love these new bowls!

nature in my mom's backyard

cat grass is so easy to grow

We seem to be always on the move lately which is why I haven't been posting as much lately. Rob's parents came over on Friday, so we went out for some dinner at the Banana Leaf. I swear, I would be quite happy to go through life with a diet of roti and sushi. Yum!

The move is almost done. I have somebody picking up the stove from the old place today off of Craigs list. Rob's parents were suppose to take some stuff, but won't be back until June to pick it up. I have one dolly (lifesaver during events, but just no room) and one electric heater left. Make me an offer!

Anyways, we spent Saturday morning / afternoon at my mom's to finish the library catalogue (needs a nice stain) and then headed to Rob's aunt's 75th birthday in the North Shore. Sunday started off with breakfast with Rob's parents at the local De Dutch and then we met our wedding couple Tim and Laura at Max's during their brief stay in Vancouver to wrap up some wedding details. As we were heading home, we bumped into Derek, Janna and Roxy driving up Oak Street so they stopped and we chatted. B-U-S-Y.

The warm weather has certainly arrived. I forgot how hot apartments can be. We had the fan running pretty much all day to circulate the air. The windows are great here, but it still gets warm. When it is really hot out.. Cleo just walks around looking for the coolest place. Then she lies down and stretches out so that cool air can circulate her all over.

Last week was kinda blah. Had some family drama to deal with... a close friends' dad passed away.. and was just feeling overwhelmed. I'm back and the future looks bright! I can feel it already! Happy Monday.

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