Thursday, May 22, 2008


We missed the scorching heat last weekend in Vancouver, but we definitely experienced the scorching heat in Portland! It was hot.. like record breaking hot. Surprisingly.. neither of us burned!

Our weekend consisted of watching movies, catching up on Grey's Anatomy, sleeping, strolling, going to the farmers market, classical Japanese gardens, lots of coffee (hot and cold), enjoying a band playing on the front porch of a house (this would SO not be allowed in Vancouver!) and general gallivanting.

What's new? We picked up our armchair from Vintage on Hawthorne in Portland and it looks fantastic! Super comfy too. I should know.. I took an hour off today and spent it sitting in the chair and playing DS! Any Animal Crossing fans out there?

I also started a milky white vintage glass collection and I am currently looking for a nice sized coffee cup x 2 and some nice plates for the wall. I tried Anthropologie, but was feeling hot and un-inspired. Hmm.. will keep looking.

Worked on some weddings today, packaged some goods from the etsy shop for the post, calculated some final budgets and we are off to Chip's Not Dead (aka Mr. Lululemon) event tonight at Relish and then zipping across town to sell our old stove. Oh Craigs list.. you are handy.. but.. so sketchy =)

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