Thursday, September 4, 2008

crafty updates

Upcoming Craft Event Alert!
If you haven't marked your calendars yet, you should go check out the events calendar here.

Before summer started, Raquel from InspirAsian Creations asked me if I could make an apply cozy for her daughter. Of course I could! I went home and printed off a pattern that I found online. The pattern sat on my desk all summer! I finally picked it up last week and tried to teach myself how to use DPN's according to the pattern. Well, let's just say that I didn't get past casting on the 12 stitches. To make a long story short, many months later, I not only made 1 apple cozy, but so far I have 5 and I made them with my own pattern!

No more bruised apples at the bottom of your bag!

I also refilled my stock of organic cat nip cakes. This batch comes in neopolitan "flavours"!

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