Tuesday, September 30, 2008

more I Heart

I Heart Crafts last Sunday was a SUCCESS! It was held in Strathcona last Sunday at the Ukrainian Cultural Center. First of all, I love Strathcona. It is beautiful there and everybody is so friendly. Rob and I commented that it was like a little slice of Portland. Cute grocery / coffee / sandwich shops and all! The Ukrainian Cultural Center was really nice as well. Perfect for a small craft fair. They have these amazing wooden tables that is part of the Hall and I was drooling over them all day. I wanted to pick one up and just run... run.... RUN. I should have taken a picture. They were nice and old with a little pull out drawer with money slots. They must have been sitting in that center or someone's basement for years.

Rob and I also attended Blim as an attendee on Saturday. It was a busy weekend. Swap-o-rama-rama and Portobello West was also happening on the same weekend. It made me realize that I want to craft more, but thank goodness that I didn't do Blim and I Heart last weekend which I originally thought of doing. I would have never had enough stock. My apple cozies were a big hit! I only have one left. Thanks to Raquel for kicking my bum in gear!

Today is my one day off this week and I have so much on my plate. This week is my last corporate program that I have signed up for. I may have another one at the end of the month, but so far this is it. Which is fine by me. I'm feeling very burnt out this week. It's the end of the season and we have had one of the busiest Septembers and Octobers ever - woot!

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