Wednesday, September 3, 2008

last weekend

Last weekend was crazy and not in a good way.

A) Our computer went pollo loco and I lost half of my photos from Steph and Paul's wedding!!!

B) We accidentally broke one of the water pitchers that Erin from Fuego Events rented to us. She is taking it back to the store as it was a product malfunction, so fingers crossed

C) We went for breakfast on Sunday and came back to the picture above. Yup. Somebody backed into our car and drove away. Nice. Rob (a.k.a. Nancy Drew) went through the neighbourhood and found a dark grey pick up truck with a silver streak on the back bumper at the exact same height as our car. Interesting... We have a date with ICBC today, so hopefully the other car confesses.

Hope your weekend was a lot better!

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