Wednesday, July 15, 2009

melissa + chris

(photo credit: Hubbard Photography)

Simply put, Melissa and Chris rock! Seriously.

When their venue, Villa Amato, was only available for July 7th, they said "Fantastic, we are going to go with a 7-11 theme!". We had it all folks - slurpee machines, nacho cheese fountain, burrito station, gelato bar, mini hamburgers and hot dogs, fries in little cone cups and to top it al off, a candy bar with all of your favourite 5cent treats complete with mini plastic tongs!

One of my favourite components of the wedding was the handmade aspect. All of the bridesmaid dresses were handmade by Jane Bon Bon and one of the bridesmaids was actually the very crafty Rita aka Smeeta!

Cupcakes were freshly handmade by Lyndsay Sung from Coco Cake Cupcakes.

We had a top star wedding team including Kyra from Villa Amato, Flower Factory, Shannon at the Lazy Gourmet, Angela from Hubbard Photography and Tania from Chair Decor.

A different spin on the traditional centerpiece by the Flower Factory and the wedding couple.

Head over to Angela's blog for a sneak peek of more wedding photos.

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