Thursday, August 27, 2009

dinner in the dark

Seeing is not as fun ....

Did you know that lotus events started five years ago by complete accident? We had just moved back to Vancouver after spending a few months in London. I was working at the call center for Impark Parking Services and Rob was working for Landsea Tours as a tour guide. I just happened to pick up an UK Glamour magazine at the local bookstore and found an article about an event called Dinner in the Dark (DITD) and said "hey, we should do this here and that is how we started!"

DITD was an event where guests began the evening with cocktails and socializing at the fully lit DV8 Lounge (closed in 2007). Waiters equipped with night vision goggles would then escort guests to a completely pitch-black room where dinner was served without any eating utensils. Guests chose to be seated with whom they arrived with or they could choose to fully experience the evening with another table.

DITD was an opportunity to experience how it would feel to have one of your most important senses - sight - shut down.

Started in Germany by a group of blind restaurant owners that did not need the lights to serve, the event moved to London and New York as a dating event with all of the alcohol that you can drink. Los Angeles and Montreal now have their own restaurants set up specifically for DITD. Our event was the first of it's kind in Canada and the first in the world to include live performances. I guess it was kind of like "Go big or go home" and we chose to go big!

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  1. I LOVE IT!!!! It's like that show dating in the dark. Was nice to see you guys do something fun like this and nice to see DV8 again. I miss it :(


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