Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Fair at the PNE

The Pacific National Exhibition is a family tradition. We go every year. I can't remember spending a summer in Vancouver and not going. When I was small, I thought I was so brave when I rode on the roller coaster (kiddie version!) all by myself.

In 2006 and 2007, Rob and I even worked at the PNE as part of their entertainment department which meant spending 17 continuous, and long, days at the Fair! Trust me, Superdogs is fun the first time, but not so much on day 17 :)

The Fair has definitely changed throughout the years. Long gone is the giant map of British Columbia and the home arts exhibits, but some traditions still carry on such as my yearly stick of cotton candy and cinnamon sugar mini donuts.

A giant sized Scrabble game.

You can see how each letter is handmade by wrapping a piece of paper around a box.

Deep fried Oreos and Jelly Belly jellybeans... not my cup of tea... but interesting.

Quad racing and car vs. car battles.

Angora bunnies and baby ducks in the animal farm.

PS. Some great bands (in my opinion) are playing this year including Chris Isaak, En Vogue (tonight!), Hit Men and Famous Players

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