Sunday, August 2, 2009

heat wave

It is a "balmy" 23C today, but holy was it ever hot last week! Each summer, I say "Was it this hot last summer?! It couldn't have been THIS hot." Of course, each winter, I also say "Was it this cold last winter!? It couldn't have been THIS cold." However, I have to admit that I can make that statement this summer, because, yes, it was that HOT. 34C broke weather records across BC and believe me, I am not a hot weather type of person. Plus, that was the temperature outside.. add a few degrees and you have our apartment on the third floor. Our box fan, that was saving us earlier in the summer, had no cold air to draw in and our oscillating fan was just blowing hot air around us. Needless to say, our little kitty Cleo was wishing she had a zipper on her fur suit! She still wanted to be with us, so she would follow us around the apartment and just flop over with everything exposed. Rob and I even tried to rub her down with an ice pack, but she wasn't too keen on that.

I kept an eye on emails, but everything pretty much halted for lotus events. I even considered renting a hotel room to enjoy a refreshing dip in the pool and some A/C! This weekend will be spent playing catch up. Rob and I spent Saturday working at the cruise ship terminal with a program. Yesterday was week 4 of 5, so one more round to go. Today, Rob is busy with the Pride Parade as the Scotiabank Aids Walk for Life on September 20th has a float plus a booth over by the main stage. So far, I started the day with a hot walk over to pick up some wedding pictures I had developed to find out that they were closed. I headed next door for an iced coffee instead (which i spilled on my clean shirt!) and stopped in to the poorly neglected community garden plot.

Despite the neglect, a few things are growing quite happily. Anybody want some zucchini?


more lavender

Stay tuned for my tutorial on how to make your own reusable dryer sachets using garden lavender on Granville Magazine!

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