Thursday, November 11, 2010

life :: craft season

For anybody thinking of visiting the apartment, just a warning... it's craft season. There is fabric, thread, tables, tags and all things craft fair related absolutely everywhere. See that tiny brown coffee table in front of the big purple one? That is where we currently eat while sitting on the floor and the ghetto part is that we lost a part of the leg, so it wobbles and we have to keep any cups that are super filled on the floor in case of spillage.

Last night, Rob and I borrowed a 6ft folding table which is now sitting in the middle of the living room. It's my "practice" display table. Yup. It's that crazy. Please feel free to visit, but don't be surprised if I tell you to start cutting something. Tea and left over halloween candy will be supplied!

Oh, and yes, see that black chair in front of the window? We placed the cat bed on top, so that Cleo could enjoy the heat. So very pampered indeed!

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