Tuesday, November 9, 2010

london :: visa applications pt1

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I thought that Robert had submitted our Visa applications last week, but apparently, we are waiting on one more thing before doing so. Nothing mandatory, but a nice little addition to beef up the list about how great we are. You know ...
For those interested in applying for British citizenship or one of the many Visa's that are available, here's a little breakdown:

British Citizenship: From what we understand, you must have a parent born in the UK. Unfortunately, neither one of us fell into this category, so we haven't thoroughly researched this option. Here are some links for more information - Home Office- UK Border Agency and Right of abode.

The UK immigration system is divided into two main components - 'non-points baseda and 'points based'. Some of the non-points based options include:

UK Ancestry Visa: Good for 5 years and the cost is 230GBP per person <- this is the route that we are taking. You will qualify if you can show that:
  • You are a Commonwealth citizen
  • You are aged 17 or over
  • You have a grandparent who was born in the UK, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man
  • You have a grandparent who was born in what is now the Republic of Ireland before 31 March 1922
  • You are able to work and intend to do so in the UK, and
  • You can support yourself and any dependants without needing any help from public funds

If you or your parent (who you are claiming ancestry through) are adopted, you can still apply for entry to the UK under this category. You must show evidence of the legal adoption with your application form.

As a spouse, I can apply for a dependant visa which allows me to live and work in the UK for five years. Robert and I can either apply for a Visa at the same time, or, since it is his Grandfather with the UK ties, he will apply first and myself second. If you apply for the dependent visa first, it will be automatically rejected with no refund. There isn't much information online regarding dependent Visa's, so if you are going this route, visit this blog for step by step instructions.

Several other non-points based Visa's are available. Some options allow you to work abroad and some don't. Each type of Visa has it's own requirements, restrictions and special circumstances, so make sure that you research everything thoroughly.

Stay tuned for part two where we'll briefly talk about point based visas!

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  1. I have my British Citizenship through my father, who was born in London and moved away when he was only 2 years old.

    You need the following documentation before submitting: your birth certificate listing your parents names, your parent's birth certificate (through whom you're claiming) and your parent's marriage certificate - with the same names as your birth certificate, which should be dated after your birth certificate if it's your father. (Otherwise there's a whole 'nother can of worms about parentage.)

    Also, if either of your parents were previously married, you need their divorce certificate as well, to prove their 2nd marriage was legal.

    It's infinately easier if it's your mom you're claiming through.


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