Sunday, January 6, 2008

cats, terrariums and cupcakes in no particular order

I am feeling rather blah today. It is gross out and freaking cold. I have a huge list of things to do, but can't seem to sit down and do anything. Blahhhhhhh

In other news...
I am absolutely thrilled that I have finished my two new terrariums. We had a few setbacks last night as I couldn't find sterilized soil or any cute figurines plus 2 out of the 3 plants that I purchased was too big for the bowl. So I went to Home Depot this afternoon and returned the two plants. Went down to Art Knapp and bought 2 plants to replace the ones that I returned plus a bag of soil. Then swung into Michaels and found an adorable bambi figurine that was the perfect size. If I don't mind saying so myself... they look fantastic! I cut up some twigs from my longan fruit that I bought at the store this morning and made a little path from the stones outside of our house. I'm so proud of myself!!

They were really easy to make and you can use old bowls and jars that are lying around the house (just make sure you wash them first with hot soapy water). They also make great presents for the new year. Just google Terrariums for some help and of course, feel free to email me!

Other than that, Cleo got a new year bath. I meant to post the pictures earlier, but didn't get around to it. Cleo hates our new camera, because of the light that shines in her eyes even when there is no flash which makes her look grumpier than she actually is.

Last, but not least, pin cushion cupcakes are finally done. I made a dozen of them. Lemon Raspberry Swirl, Blueberry, Strawberry, Vanilla, Lemon Lime, Grape and more! I will be posting them up on etsy ( soon, so stay tuned.

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