Friday, January 25, 2008

fabric fabric everywhere

I had a crafty shopping adventure today! While Rob was in a meeting at the Pan Pacific, I walked over to Dressew, then to Button Button, over to the toonie store at Tinseltown (a.k.a. Daiso, but it has a different name .. exact same stuff though!!) and then over to Chinatown. Rob then picked me up somewhere on the streets of Chinatown (I have a tendency to wander aimlessly when I walk alone) and we crossed the bridge to North Vancouver.

This is what was waiting for us there!! We had breakfast with Albertine today and she told me all about Thread Bear. So when Rob looked it up and told me that they were going out of business in March then I knew I had to get over there pronto! The fabrics there were definitely better quality than Dressew, however, their prices matched the quality. I bought these stack from their discount table where they had fat quarters for $3 and when you buy 10 or more than it is only $2 each. I searched through the chaos and came across some nice Amy Butler fabrics so I am uber happy. I'm not sure what I am doing with them, but right now, I am pretty happy just staring and petting them every so often :)

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  1. nice score, andrea :D can't wait to see what you make me!


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