Sunday, January 20, 2008

quiet Saturday night

Operation Cakes in a Jar Attempt #1 didn't turn out that well. Basically, a note to people who are going to bake some cakes in a jar.. when they say fill them 2/3 to 3/4 full they actually mean fill them to 1/2 full and no more!! We had an eruption of chocolate cake goodness in the oven. Anyways, my mind is already thinking about Attempt #2 ... maybe lemon cake? or vanilla cake?

Jars being prepped:

Jars being buttered and floured:

Jars are filled and ready to go (do not fill them this much!):

They were tasty when they came out .. at least according to Rob. (I like to bake, but don't usually want to eat it.) Anyways, the spilled over cake didn't look that appetizing after they came out of the oven so i didn't take a picture of the final product. Don't worry though.. Once Rob polishes the 8 jars of cake, the banana bread and the chocolate chip cookies (haha) that I made yesterday then we will try try try again!

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