Monday, March 31, 2008

my wiener has a first name...

We packed in the little car Friday morning and headed South. This is what we were up to...

My wiener has a first name... this is what we woke up to! Can you imagine driving through the US / Canada in this? Awesome! Can you imagine the gas this thing takes? Oi!

An A-board with a squirrel drinking bubble tea! I HAD to take a picture. So cute!

Have you heard of the bins? I have heard of the ones just outside Portland (they are all over the states), but I had never been until now! So what are the bins? Basically, this is the goodwill outlet. This is where all of the items that did not sell at the Goodwill shop end up. Tons of bins in this warehouse (almost the size of Costco), trucks pull in, people wait like hungry wolves, trucks dump the stuff out into the bins, people rummage like their life depend on it. It is pretty much one step up from dumpster diving. I was quite scared of the things I saw.. food.. underwear.. trust me.. if you go.. bring gloves.. preferably gloves that go up to your elbow! Don't get me wrong.. it is cool and you should go to check it out. Especially if you love books. I have read about people that just scour these joints and sell their items to local vintage shops for $$. You can find furniture, toys, clothing, basically anything you would find at your local thrift store. I have heard of people finding designer items still with their tags on, but you have to be willing to look. Prices are based on weight (except for books) so if you find some really light items, it could cost less than a dime! (picture is the outlet in Seattle).

If you like the bins, you should check out Tuesday Morning. Tuesday Morning is the largest closeout gift chain in the US. Never been, but sounds cool.

The Vancouver Kiwanis Music Festival is coming up on April 7th and goes for the entire month, so we better get back to work. Interested in volunteering? Contact us for more details!

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