Thursday, March 27, 2008

our kitchen rocked

This is the very first heavily themed decor event that we have ever done and I think that we rocked!

So our mission was to design a space with a 1950's theme. We had two areas with a walkway in the middle. One side of our set was the 50's diner. We had coke floats, glass soda pop (no longer available in Canada for some reason), milkshake machine, ice cream freezer, chevy couches, Elvis and even a golden apple pie on the stand next to the cash register!

The detail that we put into this event was ridiculous. I was this close to finding bakery / bread / baking scented candles for our kitchen, but didn't want to compete with our caterer.

The other side of the set was a recreation of a 1950's kitchen. Rob built and tiled the two cabinets and the other props were from my Grandma (seriously.. she had items that looked exactly like the ones from the prop house!), Vancouver Props (amazing, but elusive place - Blue Olive.. if you thought Can Am was cool, this will blow your socks off!), a local junk seller for the kitchen and washer and of course Can Am Importique for the fridge, stove and kitchen table and chair set.

Thanks so much to everybody for coming out. Professional photos our on the way!

Congratulations to Diana from ISES for winning the challenge and we look forward to being a part of this event next year!


  1. eeeeeh!

    I don't care what the other one looked like, you are DEFINITELY the winners in my book.

    Can I move in? I LOVE what you did - I love that you made it real and not just a huge cliche. I can't believe the level of detail and how much work you put in.

    And OMG - I so need to check out that place! Clearly, it's my kind of candy store :P

  2. awww.. thanks!

    we really loved putting it together and are thrilled on how it turned out!

    you guys have to check out vancouver props though. absolutely amazing!


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