Friday, June 13, 2008

Faux birds are cute. Real birds are scary.

Today started out with breakfast at Joe's with Melba, Brent, Drew and their friend from Mexico. We then headed to Paboom on West 4th Avenue and picked up this cute little birdie for our mantle. I am all for faux birds, but when it comes to real birds.... I think I would pass out. That's right. I have a fear of birds. You know how some people can't stand spiders? That is how I am with birds. I mean.. the little ones are ok.. but the worst are pigeons! I can't stand them. I can't even go through the stuffed bird section at the museum. All of them looking at you while you pass through their exhibit. When Rob and I were in London, we had to pass through the bird exhibit to see the rest of the museum. I had to close my eyes while Rob lead me through.

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