Saturday, June 21, 2008


Porto's is a famous Cuban bakery here in Burbank. Absolutely delicious! See the cakes pictured above? $23 each! We are talking big, huge, intricate cakes!! Their staff is also amazing. I ordered 12 items for the event and she didn't even have to write down anything!

Yesterday was day 1 at PitchFest and after a few bumps, things smoothed out nicely. Its hot here. I mean... HOT. Even people in LA are complaining how hot it is. I have basically been enjoying the hotel's air conditioning for the last two days. It was so hot outside that it started a car fire. Unfortunately, I did not have my camera with me as hotel staff ran over with fire extinguishers and the fire truck arrived. However, here is a picture of what was left. Poor car next to it got it too!

A picture snapped somewhere on the highway between Burbank and downtown LA. We were off to pick up some photocopying.

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