Monday, June 16, 2008

a plane with a view

After working two 14 hour days with the Arts Umbrella Recital last weekend, we woke up at 3AM to catch our early morning flight to Los Angeles. One of the volunteers from PitchFest picked us up at the airport and we weaved through (horrendous) traffic arriving in Burbank 45 minutes later. Rob and I rented a car for our stay and thank goodness it came with a GPS system! I'm not sure it shows us the best route, but at least it gets us there!

So what did our first day hold? Well.. we settled in, made a run to Target and Costco for the house, did a bit of work, had a nap, went for a swim, a bit more work and then heading to bed. I promise tomorrow will be more productive! More staff arrive tomorrow afternoon so this place is definitely getting busy! Oh yeah.. and Jenny (we met at last years' PitchFest popped in. I love her. She is so cute!)

This is the view from our office.

The weather here is wonderful. It goes between HOT to nice and toasty. I am so happy that the air conditioner at the house works again! I have a lot to do tomorrow, but hope to make it to Japan town. Bob (co-producer) mentioned something about dim sum in Chinatown.. drool.

There is a fire station down the hill from where we are staying and they have the most gorgeous sculpture of a tree that is made of iron (will take a picture this week). There is also a house with llamas, a peacock and a rooster (we think there is only one, but could be more) down the hill so in the day we hear the rooster and at dusk the peacocks start doing their thing.

I am super tired and just rambling, so will write more tomorrow. Goodnight!

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