Monday, August 18, 2008

granville island

Squash anyone? They must chop this up for you to purchase. Otherwise, what would anybody do with this? Not only that, but how would they bring it home? It probably weighs more than a small child!

cheese... yummm

fresh flowers

Family run tomato garden with many different varieties that I have never even heard / seen before!

Rob's sister Sue and her significant other, Steve, are currently in Vancouver for the next week or so. Sue and Steve live in the BVI and are currently stopping in Vancouver before they head over to Kentucky for the Iron Man (Sue = competitor / Steve = cheerleader) and then they are off to Thailand where Steve's family currently lives (they are British and moved there from England). Got all that? So while they are in town, Rob's parents, who live on Mayne Island, are also over. Thank goodness that they rented two rooms at the guesthouse nearby, because everybody would not fit in our one bedroom place. Plus, it was 32C this weekend and this place was roasting even without 6 hot bodies in it.

Anyways... we headed down to Granville Island last week. It was fun pretending to be a tourist for the day!

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