Monday, August 4, 2008

pride parade

Sunday was spent at the Pride Parade. Where have I been!? This is my first time at the Pride Parade and it was amazing. Rob had to man the BCPWA booth in the morning so I tagged along and helped him set up. The set up process was a little crazy with cars driving up everywhere and some rental confusion, but everything worked out.

Here are some geeky set up photos:

Since the market and food area was situated at the end of the Parade route, we really didn't get to see much of the parade itself. Nonetheless, it was so much fun. Here is a picture of the BCPWA booth with the AIDS ribbon balloons they were handing out:

So what was there to do if I missed the parade? Well... I went to visit Carlie at the Portobello West tent right across from us, I visited with David C. Jones who was the MC for the VanCity main stage, I got a free eyebrow waxing, was rubbed down in sparkle lotion from the Biotherm man, received a free t-shirt from the CTV tent, received free razors, received free gum from the Milestones tent, spoke to the Earth Save man, met the friendly folks at the Fringe Fest tent, checked out the Avon tent and I met Bruce Lee (pictured below) from the Asia tent. I had so much fun!

I did see some of the early paraders and wished that I took some photos of their outrageous costumes. Unfortunately, by that time, I was too focused on having lunch. I will leave you with another pretty shot of English Bay.

Happy BC day everybody!

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