Friday, November 27, 2009


(my fur baby, cleo, enjoying a sweet lick)

My friend's cat past away earlier this week. I love visiting their studio, because a) it's always good times and b) two cats would always come to greet us at the door. Ok. Ok. One would greet us at the door if she saw us and the other one would go in hiding. I miss her chirp chirp purr and her head twisting. I miss how she would gently nibble your fingers and pat your chest if you weren't paying attention to her.

She wasn't even my cat nor have I ever cat sat her or really spent long periods of time together. Yet, my heart broke when I heard the news. Loudly gasping while I checked twitter messages in the middle of Starbucks. I was sad all day and the day after. I know I talk about the pair of new kittens that I would get when Cleo passes away, but I'm just talking smak. I would be completely devasted. So if you have a fur baby of your own, make sure you go and give it a big hug and kiss.


  1. Thanks for the Luna Love - I can't even say how much I miss her, and wish she was here to play in the new house and to get Darwin out from behind the bed. She was happy until the very last second and loved every minute of everything she did, it was just all way too short :(


  2. aw. i {love} this post. thank you for sharing your thoughts. i miss luna too xx


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