Sunday, November 1, 2009

Belgium - Day 12-16

The last time I was in Belgium was almost 20 years ago as part of my whirlwind family European adventure. It was one of those 20 places in 21 days kind of tour where we went from England -> Belgium -> Netherlands -> Germany -> France -> Italy -> Austria -> Monaco -> Switzerland -> Luxembourg -> Liechtenstein and back.

(cheese shop!)

Arc de Triomphe

I was so excited to go back to Belgium! It was going to be a trip filled with visits to the Grand Place (my favourite), croissants, fresh bread, waffles, mussels and frites! Oh yes, a romantic holiday for two. In reality, we both came down with the flu and were sick beyond belief... high fever, body aches, headache, tiredness, dry cough and unmentional visits to the loo. To weak to spend more than half a day exploring the city. Too sick to eat any of the tasty delights above. Sadly, we also missed our day trip to Bruges and Ghent. We just couldn't do it.

The famous Manneken Pis at one of the many chocolate shops in Brussels.

Check out how the trees in the park walkway are trained to grow across!

These are all the images I mustered to take. We will return one day! Not to worry!

The Atomium.

Outside of the royal residences. Somebody had just left in a police escorted motorcade.

Grand Place ...

Every two years in August, the Grand Place is covered in a flower (begonia) carpet that covers 19,000 sq ft.

I was finally healthy enough to enjoy some frites on our last night in Belgium. With mayo of course!

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