Tuesday, May 25, 2010

... and then there is Cleo ...

Beginning in 2002, the UK launched a scheme where pet owners could avoid a 6 month quarantine for cats and dogs. We did a bit of research and found a vet at Cats Only that has gone through the process before. This hopefully will make it a lot smoother for us.

The company that her original microchip is from is no longer in business and does not meet ISO standards for microchips. So Cleo has her first appointment at the Vet tomorrow to have a new microchip embedded. Afterwards, Cleo will need a rabies shot and a blood test a few weeks later to make sure that she has the required amount of the rabies vaccine in her blood. She wil then be required to complete a Veterinary Certificate which is a document that shows her microchip number, the rabies vaccine and blood test information and confirms that she has met all of the requirements to travel. It's not over yet. 24 to 48 hours prior to the date we leave, she has to go back to the Vet for a tick and tape worm treatment. Poor kitty!

Currently, the only airline that allows cats to travel in the cabin with the owner is Air Canada and you must fly into the Heathrow airport. There has been some discussion amongst people about a possible human rights tribunal put forth by people who are allergic to cats. They feel that their human rights have been violated by allowing cats in the cabin. This is still up for discussion. Fingers crossed that our little 'muk muk' can travel in the cabin with us.

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  1. I looked into the same thing for moving with my Henry. Let me know how it goes! I'd be interested to know what happens with the airlines. I figured that if I couldn't get Henry in the cabin with me, I'd get a prescription from the vet to knock him out for the duration of the flight.


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