Monday, May 24, 2010

here we go ...

illustration credit: Blanca Gomez

Although we have no official date set, our big move is planned for February 2011. Yup. Scary and exciting... scary and exciting.. scary and exciting...

As part of our Ancestry Visa application, we needed to obtain copies of marriage certificates from Robert's grandparents (Father's side), parents and for the both of us. Of course, when we got married six years ago, we noticed an error on our marriage license and never did anything about it. My birth date that was printed on the certificate had the wrong year. Oops! So, we figured that before we got denied somewhere along the process, to get it fixed. Apparently, if it is their error (which it was), they will issue you a new one at no cost. Score!

In addition to the marriage license, we also had to apply for copies of the birth certificates for Robert's grandfather, father and himself. Holy paperwork Batman! Now having all that sorted out, we wait to file our Visa application in October which is three months from our departure date.

The ball has started rolling ....


  1. I feel like I missed a big piece of news here.... what's going on??

  2. In case you missed it, here is the original post -

  3. So thrilled you're finally on the "road" to London! ;)

  4. hey this is so cool andrea!!! joanne mentioned at the last blim market you were going to move to the uk. london no less!! omg! amazing! got craft uk edition!


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