Thursday, July 3, 2008

community garden

I used to live in this neighbourhood when I went to elementary school. There was a small bagel shop in the corner of Oak and West 16th called Popovers. However, it was demolished ages ago and an empty lot has been sitting there for the past 10 or so years. Well.. lately .. Rob and I have been walking past and we noticed that there were a few people milling about on the empty lot. A few days later, we noticed that the entire lot was mowed. Finally, on our way home from the fruit stand last night, we saw a group in the empty lot and we poked our heads in. $30 later, we are proud owners of a community garden plot! Yippee!

Rob started a garden in the backyard of our old place in Kerrisdale, so we are very happy to have a new place to plant our veggies that is only 2 blocks away from the apartment. Although this lot has sat vacant for so many years, this garden is supposedly only temporary as it depends on what the owner decides to do. Compost arrives next week and the water is suppose to be hooked up soon. As of last night, there are still a few plots left, so hurry!

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