Thursday, July 31, 2008

i love flickr

Sorry (again) for the lack of posts. Tis the season I guess. We just finished a 3 event weekend last weekend. They were all corporate events, so no photos to show. We find that weddings all have beautiful photos from professional photographers, but when it comes to corporate events, they rarely have a professional photographer on-site. When they do have a photographer, all they ever shoot are the guests. What about the details!?

I took some of my own from the corporate bbq and fireworks night on Saturday, but they turned out horrible. I'm too embarrassed to upload them. Too bad though, there was a lot of fun gingham linens that night!

August is going to be a busy one! Lately I feel like I am going from one final walk through to the next. All good stuff though :) Don't get me wrong ... it isn't all work around here. I did spend the morning making this:

If you want to waste some time too, then visit this website to make your own.

Ps. It's Pride this weekend! Go check out Rob at the BCPWA booth at the end of Thurlow and Beach!

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